APERIO® Hybrid 17|21 EN

APERIO® Hybrid17|21
Thrombectomy Device

for fast recanalisation

APERIO® Hybrid17|21
Thrombectomy Device

Highly visible nitinol stent retriever

  • Excellent full length visibility
  • Hybrid cell design for successfull recanalisation*
  • Smallest lasercut stent retriever for vessels from 1.0 mm
  • For distal thrombectomy
  • CE mark approved for vessel diameters from 1,0 - 5,5 mm
  • Compatible with 0.0165’’ – 0.027’’ ID microcatheters

* Goertz, L. et al. (2022): Safety and Efficacy of the Novel Low-Profile APERIO Hybrid17 for a Treatment of Proximal and Distal Vessel Occlusion in Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Multi-Center Experience. World Neurosurgery, 2022, Nov; 167 pp. e386-e396

Clinical Results

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Clinical Experience
with APERIO® Hybrid17 Thrombectomy Devices

Pre treatment
M1, A2-A3 and A4 occlusion

Treatment with
APERIO® Hybrid17 Thrombectomy Device

Post treatment
Final result

Images are courtesy of Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer,
radprax at St. Lukas Hospital Solingen, Germany


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