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More than just a product.

In addition to our broad product portfolio for interventional neuroradiology, research and education are important pillars for achieving the best possible results in the use of our products.

Explore our comprehensive training and service offer and the scientific findings from publications and clinical studies.

Our training offer for you.

We organise product-specific trainings with flow models in our training centre in Pforzheim, Germany as well as using angiography facilities in hospitals. These training sessions are performed on either standardised or patient-specific anatomy models.

Our service offer for you.

In addition to a broad product portfolio for interventional neuroradiology, Acandis® offers
versatile services for the use of braided stents:

Sizing Support Chart

Appropriately selected stent size contributes to easier and safer use, reducing complications and improving clinical outcome.

The Sizing Support Chart provides guidance and preliminary size selection for users in advance of an intervention.

Sizing Support Service

Upon demand or in case of complex anatomies and conditions, we support the users with an additional Sizing Support Service.

Based on patient-specific 3D rotational angiography data , vessels are being modelled digitally to a high degree of accuracy.
In contrast to conventional methods of vessel measurement, the software also takes into account the circumference and thus
the actual shape of the vessel. For example, oval vessels can also be measured precisely.

Based on these precise measurement results, the next step is to simulate one or more stent sizes in the patient-specific vessel.
In this process, the sizing tool calculates where the proximal end of the stent will be located after deployment,
given a predefined distal starting position. With the help of these simulation results, physicians can select the device best suited to the vessel situation in order to achieve the best possible treatment effect.*

*Note: The calculation of the different DERIVO® and ACCERO® sizes is only a technical aid and does not represent a recommendation for action from a medical point of view.

Advantages of the Sizing Support

  • Morphological characterisation of the patient's vascular system
  • Simulation of the stent in the vessel
  • Determination of the final length of a deployed stent
  • Determination of porosity and percentage opening of the stent at any point
  • Simulation of positioning of different stent sizes to assist in appropriate size selection
  • Optimal stent size for perfect proximal positioning
  • Best possible flow detour with the DERIVO® Embolisation Device
  • Ensure that relevant perforators remain permeable

Training on the patient-specific model

In the case of special anatomical conditions, it is possible to generate patient-specific training models, which can be used to simulate and train the procedure in advance of the intervention. During these trainings, different scenarios can be run through in order to determine
the best possible treatment strategy.

This unique case preparation option helps users to treat their patients as safely and efficiently as possible.

Advantages of training on a patient-specific model

  • Realistic angiography training with patient-specific anatomy
  • Simulation of stent behaviour during real procedures
  • Planning of the optimal patient-specific treatment strategy

Case Support and Technical Support
during intervention

Our team of specially qualified and experienced product specialists accompanies users on demand before, during and after the intervention and is available for any technical queries regarding the product and its use.

For more information on our training and services, please contact your Acandis® representative or our Clinical Support.