Product certification

  • ACCERO® Stent
    New sizes of braided microstent
  • DERIVO® 2 Embolisation Device
    New generation of proven flow diverter with class leading visibility optimised for different treatment options
  • CREDO® Stent
    New sizes of self-expanding laser cut stent for treatment of intracranial stenosis
  • APERIO Hybrid17 Thrombectomy Device
    Further development of existing stent retriever enabling distal thrombectomy and treatment of vessel diameters from 1.0 to 4.0 mm

APERIO Hybrid 17 Thrombectomy Device

DERIVO® 2 Embolisation Device


Clinical research
APERIO® Revisar – PMCF Study
APERIO® Hybrid – PMCF Study


Product certification

  • APERIO® Hybrid Thrombectomy Device
    New generation of the proven stent retriever for fast flow restoration
  • DERIVO® mini Embolisation Device
    Miniaturisation of the proven and reliable  DERIVO® Embolisation Device - Range extension
  • NeuroSlider® Microcatheter DLC
    Microcatheter for flexible use, optimised for delivery of Acandis”™® braided devices (DERIVO® mini Embolisation Device, ACCERO® Stent)

APERIO® Hybrid 17 Thrombectomy Device

DERIVO® mini Embolisation Device



Product certification

  • CREDO® Stent
    Self-expanding stent for treatment of intracranial stenosis – new sizes and improved visibility
  • ACCERO® Stent
    Braided Nitinol-Platinum Microstent – new sizes and improved design for effective performance
  • NeuroSlider® 27 (DLC Katheter)
      Microcatheter for flexible use, optimized for delivery of the Derivo® Embolisation Device





Product certification

  • ACCLINO® flex Stent HRF 4.0 /Acclino® flex plus Stent 4.0 – Higher radial force – Extension

Expansion of Company Building

Acandis Gebaude2



ASSISTENT - Clinical Study
Acandis Stenting of Intracranial STEnosis-regisTry

Acclino flex plus



Product certification

  • CREDO® Stent
    First self-expanding stent for treatment of intracranial stenosis, deliverable through a PTA balloon catheter
  • NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter – Range Extension
    New balloon diameter (1.5 mm) for very small and distal vessels
  • DERIVO® Embolisation Device – New Visibility Concept
    Excellent x-ray visibility as a result of composite wires
  • ACCERO® Stent
    Braided Nitinol-Platinum stent deliverable through microcatheters with 0.0165”™”™ inner diameter

Acandis History: Accero

Sizing Software AcandisIntroduction of Sizing Software for DERIVO®
Support prior to the intervention



Product certification

Prospective Registry Study DERIVO® Embolisation Device

NeuroSpeed PTA Balloon Catheter

Acandis History: Acclino flex



Product certification

Acandis GmbH: DERIVO geschlossene Enden

Acandis GmbH: APERIO



Product certification

  • ACCLINO® 1.9F Stent
    First self-expanding stent deliverable through microcatheters with 0.0165" inner diameter




Product certification

  • Microcatheter 3F/ 1.9F
  • APERIO®  3F/ 1.9F Thrombectomy Device
    First lasercut thrombectomy device with hybrid cell design

Moving into new company building

The head quater of Acandis GmbH & Co. KG



Product certification

  • Neuro Closed® Stent

Acandis Neuro Closed Stent



Product certification

  • Acandis® Open Cell Stent
    Self-expanding stent featuring 36 struts on circumference

Acandis Contego Open Stent



First research and development activities


Company foundation

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