Training & Services

In addition to the broad product portfolio for the interventional neuroradiology, Acandis® offers a variety of services:


At our training center in Pforzheim as well as in hospitals using angiography, we conduct product-specific trainings with flow models. These trainings are performed with standardised or patient-specific anatomy models.

Training with standardised anatomy models

The training with standardised models offers the possibility to understand the individual product, its handling, as well as its radiopacity under fluoroscopy.

Training with patient-specific anatomy models

In the event of special anatomical conditions, patient-specific training models can be prepared giving the opportunity to simulate and train for the procedure prior to the intervention. Within these training sessions, several scenarios can be evaluated aiding in the selection of the best possible treatment strategy.

This unique support in preparation of the intervention enables the physicians to treat their patients with the utmost safety and efficiency.

DERIVO Training Model

DERIVO Training Model 2



With a particular sizing tool, we assist physicians in choosing the optimal DERIVO® dimension prior to the treatment.

Sizing Tool

Based on patient specific 3D rotational angiographic data (DICOM) the software measures the vessel dimensions very precisely. In contrast to conventional methods of vessel measurement, the circumference and the real shape of the vessel are taken into account. This allows exact measurement of different vessel geometries, for example oval vessels.

Using these precise measurement results, different DERIVO® sizes are simulated in the patient specific vessel. With a predetermined distal starting position, the sizing tool calculates where the proximal end of DERIVO® Embolization Device will be located after release. Considering the simulation results, we assist the physicians in choosing the most suitable device size for optimal flow diversion effect.

DERIVO Sizing Software 1

DERIVO Sizing Software 2

DERIVO Sizing Software 3


Note: The proposition of specific DERIVO® sizes is meant as support from a technical point of view and is always just a suggestion.
This suggestion never represents a medically recommended action.

For further information on our trainings and services, please contact your Acandis® representative.