neurorad 2022

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At the 57th annual meeting of the ’Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neuroradiologie e.V.’ (German Society for Neuroradiology) in Kassel, Acandis focused on the presentation of HEAL® technology.
We had the pleasure to invite to a lunch symposium with exciting presentations held by Dr. Andreas Schüßler (Acandis GmbH), Prof. Dr. Franziska Dorn (Universitätsklinikum Bonn) as well as Prof. Dr. Bernd Turowski (Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf).

In addition to this, we enjoyed interesting poster sessions, case presentations and the many pleasant conversations at our booth.

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Acandis® participated at this years’ SOBRICE 2022 in Brazil.

Acandis Inc.

Today we are proud to announce the foundation of Acandis Inc.
Acandis Inc. is a subsidiary of Acandis GmbH and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts
with the goal of realizing US market access. Furthermore, it will provide local support for clinical trials, clinical support, as well as the distribution of Acandis products.
We are excited to now be in the US and to provide a lifesaving treatment for patients suffering from both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes in the future!


Acandis Distributor Meeting

As a prelude to this years’ ESMINT, the annual Acandis Distributor Meeting took place.
We used this event for the exchange of experiences, discussing further therapy-development and marketing strategies,
on an international level.
This informative day was concluded with a social get-together by the sea.

Thank you all for your participation - we are already looking forward to the next event.

ESMINT Distributor Meeting

Acandis Summer Party 2022

In July we gathered together on the company premises for this year’s summer party under the motto "All in White" to celebrate the successes and milestones achieved so far in the current year.

Having great weather, we enjoyed refreshing drinks, delicious food, good music as well as a special show.

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AC Sommerfest 2022_2

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1st Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting 2022

Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting 2022

The first „Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting“ is over and we enjoyed two amazing days full of many great presentations and lively discussions.
With a lot of excitement we welcomed key opinion leaders of ICAD treatment from all over the world to this highly interesting and scientific discourse either in person above the roofs of Frankfurt a.M., Germany or online. The meeting was all about getting together and exchanging experience and knowledge on ICAD treatment.


In a total of five different sessions throughout two days we listened to many exciting presentations and lively discussions:

  • General ICAD
  • Elective Stenting
  • Scientific Round
  • Rescue Stenting
  • Future Developments

To ensure an international exchange we were happy to welcome speakers from eleven different countries from all over the world.
Summarizing the first ‚Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting‘, we were overwhelmed by the active participation in person and online which led to lively discussions among the key opinion leaders of ICAD treatment.
Thank you to everyone who participated and made this such a special event for all of us!

> Learn more about day 1
> Learn more about day 2

Acandis has been awarded as a TOP 100 innovator 2022

Top 100

For more than 25 years, the TOP 100 seal has been awarded to the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.

Acandis received this award in 2022 for its excellent innovation management. The following categories were evaluated and analysed: innovation-oriented top management, innovation climate, innovative processes & organization, open innovation and innovation success.





Acandis® participated at this years’ SOBRICE 2021 in Brazil.

Acandis® Case Of The Month

Case of the month

Starting October, we will host a monthly competition and elect the most interesting, challenging and/or educational case with an Acandis® device shared by you on social media.

The winner will get a professional case video produced and posted on all our social media channels.
Our stated goal is to spread your interesting cases all around the world and show how you can overcome different challenges.

All you have to do to participate is:
1) share your case on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook
2) mention Acandis® in your post (Acandis GmbH)
3) use the hashtag #AcandisCOTM

We are looking forward to your interesting cases!


Acandis® is growing

We are pleased to announce that Acandis®  will double the size of its company building.
The new building section will include space for new technologies, cleanrooms, manufacturing and administration.
We will keep you updated until the completion of the construction work.

Acandis Firmengebäude BA3

Acandis Firmengebäude BA3 No. 2


Thank you to Firmengruppe Harsch for the images!

2020 2020
Pforzheim, August 2020

End of “Emergency operation” due to Corona Pandemic

For the health and safety of the Acandis employees our company was put into “emergency operation” due to the Corona Pandemic.  After months of lockdown, we are now pleased to end the restricted operation and come back to normal mode -  considering the necessary hygiene and safety measures, which have shown being effective in the past months.

Pforzheim, March 20, 2020

Emergency operation due to Corona Pandemic

As an employer, Acandis takes its responsibility for the health and safety of its employees very seriously. Therefore, with regard to the current Corona Pandemic, we have decided to take far-reaching measures and consider it absolutely necessary to put the company into "emergency operation". In this mode, only selected functions and work areas will remain occupied.

Our products are important for the acute medical care of many people. Therefore we will definitely ensure the supply of our products in "emergency operation" as long as the transport routes at home and abroad allow this. During this time our Customer Service will continue to work as usual.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will end the "emergency operation" as soon as the overall situation allows.

2019 2019
Pforzheim, May 2019

Press Release APERIO® Hybrid Thrombectomy Device

Press Release APERIO® Hybrid Thrombectomy Device

2018 2018

Shanghai, October 2018

OCIN 2018

OCIN 2018 1

OCIN 2018 2





Impressions of Acandis‘ participation at OCIN 2018 – the 18th Oriental Conference of Interventional Neuroradiology, held in Shanghai October 25th – 28th 2018.

Frankfurt, Oktober 2018

neuroRAD 2018




In October, Acandis participated at the 53rd Annual Congress of the German Society for Neuroradiology, neuroRAD 2018, held in Frankfurt from October 03rd - 06th – an important conference to meet with neuroradiologists and experts to discuss experience and new ideas.

Pforzheim, September 2018

Press Release ACCERO®


Nice, September 2018



At the 10th anniversary ESMINT Congress, held in Nice from September 06th – 08th, Acandis® presented its neurovascular portfolio and launched the new Accero® Stent.

2017 2017

Okt. 2017

Sharing Global Expertise - WFITN 2017




During the 14th congress of WFITN in Budapest, Hungary, ACANDIS presented its portfolio of medical devices for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms and ischaemic stroke.

On Wednesday, 18 October, users from different countries presented their experience on the DERIVO® embolisation device within the scientific program of conference:

For the experience in Germany Prof. Christian Taschner presented on “DERIVO® Trial: a prospective multicentre register study. Clinical and angiographic mid term results in forty patients”.

Taschner WFITN

His conclusion:

„This preliminary analysis suggests that aneurysm treatment with the DERIVO® FD has a comparable safety profile when compared to other FD available on the market.“

Currently, 96 patients have been enrolled in the registry. The final results are expected by the end of 2018.


ACANDIS´ meeting with physicians and distributors to share real life experience and discuss clinical cases from different countries happened the same day in the InterContinental hotel. It was no wonder that also here the DERIVO® device was in the center of the interest:

Experiences from Brazil

The DERIVO® device was launched in Brazil about 1 year ago. In his presentation Dr. Rog©rio Darwich from Belo Horizonte in Brazil underlined his positive experiences with the DERIVO® Flow diverter. He said „Flow diversion is an increasing technique to treat cerebral aneurysms. Since the recent introduction of the DERIVO®, we were able to perform more than 300 cases in Brazil. For me the DERIVO® is a very high level of technology.“


Flow Diversion in UK

Dr. Maliakal from the Hull University Teaching Hospital reported about his experience in UK and showed some challenging cases. As major benefits of the DERIVO® he outlined the good visualization, the ease of deployment and as a significant difference - very little artefacts on MRI.


Okt. 2017

Acandis on OCIN 2017 in Shanghai

OCIN 2017

At OCIN, one out of four bigger Neurovascular Congresses in China from Oct, 27th to Oct 29th in Shanghai, MontsMed presented the neurovascular product portfolio from Acandis, mainly the APERIO Thrombectomy Device for Acute Stroke.

There were a lot of discussions and talks with physicians about ischemic stroke. Moreover, there was a hands-on training station for ischemic thrombectomy which met with considerable interest and was welcomed by many interested doctors.
Montsmed formed its operations base in Shanghai and is focused on the Asian market. MontsMed builds a partnership with Acandis to ensure their long-term success in the selected Asian market.

OCIN 2017 1

OCIN 2017 2


Sep. 2017

Acandis at ESMINT, Nizza

ESMINT in Nizza is an important platform for Acandis to talk to physicians from all over the world, meet experts, exchange ideas and discuss future needs.


This year Acandis launched ACCLINO®  flex plus – the new laser-cut stent for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.

„With its optimised asymmetric cell design this new closed cell laser-cut Stent ensures the highest flexibility in its class“,Dr. Andreas Schüssler, CEO from Acandis said.

The new ACCLINO flex plus stent features a new X-ray marker concept for a safe and precise placement under fluoroscopy: Three flat Platinum-Iridium X-ray markers on each end and two gold markers on the transport wire.

ACCLINO® flex plus Banner

Moreover the Stent displays enhanced expansion behaviour, excellent vessel wall apposition and optimal conformability even in tortuous vessel anatomies.

The stent is suitable for vessel diameters from 1.5 to 6.0 mm. For an easy handling all sizes from 3.0 – 5.5 mm are deliverable through microcatheters with 0.0165” - 0.017” ID. This allows a sequential stent and coil placement without changing manouver.

April 6, 2017

Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the New Acandis Building

A ground breaking ceremony on  April 6, 2017 marked the start of the construction of a new 3- level building building.Under attendance of representatives of the city of Pforzheim and the employees, CEO Andreas Schuessler and his wife Kirsi explained that with the additional space for Research, Development and Technology by 1.487 qm  a new chapter in the history of Acandis starts. He emphasized that in these days, modern medical technology is much more than improving and enhancement of existing processes. It is strong research based and in line with new method of treatments whilst the market is definitely global and very dynamic.

Founded in 2006 as a Research and Development company with only one engineer, Acandis has now approved 7 product families for high-end medical therapy and sells its  products worldwide. "To grow sustainably, we will improve our processes and logistics and invest in key technologies, these are the preconditions for unique products, the pillar of our growth“ so Dr. Schuessler.

2016 2016

October 28th 2016

This year, Acandis is participating for the first time at the OCIN Oriental Conference of Interventional Neuroradiology in Shanghai, China.

OCIN 2016