NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter

Over-the-wire PTA Balloon Catheter

Acandis Product NeuroSpeed

  • Over-the-wire catheter with an inner diameter of 0.0165’’.
  • Various balloon diameters (1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.5 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.5 mm; 4.0 mm)
  • Balloon working length 8 mm
  • Usable length 150 cm
  • Slim entry profile and double-layer hydrophilic coating
  • Controlled dilatation of stenosis



Clinical Experience with NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter

Case Acandis NeuroSpeed PTA pre
Initial degree of stenosis 80 %
Pre Dilatation

Case Acandis NeuroSpeed PTA inflation
NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter 2.0 x 8 mm

Case Acandis NeuroSpeed PTA post
Final degree of stenosis ~ 10 %
Post Dilatation


Images by courtesy of Dr. Christian Löhr, Klinikum Vest, Recklinghausen, Germany


Please consult the Instructions for Use for all indications, contraindications, warnings, cautions as well as possible adverse effects. Acandis® products are to be used exclusively by trained medical professionals. Orders are taken only in regions where the product is approved. Please contact an Acandis® representative for product availability.