CREDO® Stent

Flexible self-expanding nitinol stent for gentle treatment of intracranial stenosis

Product Acandis CREDO

  • Over-the-wire system
  • Unique treatment concept
  • Deliverable through the NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter with 0.0165” ID
  • PTA and stenting without catheter exchange
  • Minimised procedural risks
  • Suitable for vessels within a diameter range of 2.0 to 4.5 mm

* ICAD Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease



Clinical Experience

Case Acandis CREDO pre
Pre-interventional diagnostic stenosis grade 80 %

Case Acandis CREDO peri
Deployment of CREDO® Stent after pre dilation with NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter

Case Acandis CREDO post
Final control after stent placement stenosis grade 30%


Images by courtesy of Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer, radprax MVZ GmbH, Solingen, Germany