Clinical Studies

Acandis® is a research oriented company. Together with leading clinical centres and clinical research organisations (CRO) we are committing ourselves to a variety of academic topics to expedite the treatment of intracranial vessel diseases and offer consistently enhanced medical products.  Clinical research is an important cornerstone within our research and development activities.
Next to academic research projects Acandis® works on clinical studies cooperating with experienced clinical partners.  These studies are focussing on safety and efficacy of new treatment options and products – the results are crucial for the continuous development of products and treatment methods.
This approach enables the fast realisation of new and optimised products responding to the current requirements of the market and latest state of research.

Currently Acandis® is conducting the following studies:
AcandiS Stenting of Intracranial STENosis – regisTry (ASSISTENT).
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DERIVO® PMCF Study. Learn more >